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My Music is a Reflection of Me

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What’s good people Let me tell y’all a little bit about myself, I’m 32 years old from Sandusky, OH, but currently reside in Cleveland, OH. Moved out here about 10 years ago to pursue my career in dancing, yes that’s right I was a dancer first before getting into music. I started dancing around the same time i when I got my first drum machine from my brother at the age of 9 yrs old. At that point I knew I fell in love with music. Back in high school I dabbled in FL studio for about 3 years or so. Dance was my main priority at that point in time. So you can say I was off & on when it came to making music. Fast forward a bit danced throughout my 20’s found music production again I’d say in my very late 20’s. Bought an Akai MPC Live back in December 2019 & knew right then I wanted to do music for real this time. As I’m learning my machine, learning tips & tricks from anywhere I could gain knowledge & just wanting to grow my craft as much as possible, given I had plenty of free time on my hands due to the globe pandemic. SO during the shut down I was able to release tons of singles & even released my first album called Mad World it was very fitting of current situation going on in the world at the time. I get my inspiration from a lot of producers like JDilla, Timbaland, Decap just to name a few. I try be versatile with music, which can range from hip hop, to deep House, trap, r&b & or EDM. I do like experimenting with different genres of music. Currently trying to learn Drill beats. I absolutely love making music using weird ass sounds lol. That’s the gist of my journey as a producer, & looking forward to see where it will take me. I believe music is such a powerful tool for all aspect of life, & I just want the chance for my craft to be heard & recognized. Follow me on my socials to get a closer look at what I do & all my music is on all streaming platforms, I also have some beats that are exclusively on my SoundCloud pages as well. Check me out! Peace!

Artists Review FlipzWorld

Brodi White | Rapper, Songwriter
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I've been working with FlipzWorld for a hot little second now. I picked up my first beat back in May. Im impressed with the passion shown in his production, the sound quality is industry pro level as well. Bro uses samples and sounds that are unique to his workflow creating instrumentals that just cant be found any place else.
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Grace Goldsmith, head of marketing
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I got a free public speaking course as a New Year gift. I wasn’t really sure that it was worth taking since I deliver pretty good presentations. But I decided to give it a try. And that was truly great! These classes improved my communication skills, developed self-confidence, and helped to overcome public speaking anxiety.
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